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Minecraft Bots Showing Promise in AI Neural Net


This popped up in my yt feed and the info is absolutely fascinating, especially to see what the bot itself sees.

Basically the gist is that 2b2t, the memearchy server of memecraft, has gotten a bot problem. But the bots are stupidly smart, and this boi managed to get to talk to the developer, who in turn shared a LOT of info.

Wanna watch a neural net play minecraft? Here ya go.



That is impressive.

As for cheating your way through a video game, that is up there with OpenAI, the thing that plays SC2 or Dota2. Could even be based on the same thing.

In terms of actual AI, it is a small fish next to Microsoft’s racist twitter spammer, Google’s “Shut it down, it came up with a new language” and IBM’s Watson.



If you saw the end, its not. Its based on a bot system called baritone, which is just a mining and travel bot overall. Whats fascinating is the baritone+ bot that c0nn3r has made is completely based on nvidia gpu neural nets, not just cpu ones, or even normal gpu’s. He has been renting P100’s on azure to train the damn thing. It has the ability to call other bots and place end crystals and attack with them.

If you don’t know, end crystals do the most damage in the game. This ‘swarming’ makes this system retardedly powerful. I think, though, as a test for drones, or bots on the moon building shit, or all sorts of other shit, this is an amazing test of possibilities. The bot can trade, combat mobs and players, build, hunt, its basically another player. Now, imagine pitting a bunch together in a hunger games environment. That would be AMAZING.



I watched the video.
And throwing hardware made for the specific task in question at the problem is a sensible thing to do IMO.

Thanks for the clarification.



I like how instead of the bot having some amazing realization that it can double it’s results by simply going to the Nether. The creator believes it was a fluke due to a previous generation having a weird affinity for purple.



The bot had no predisposihion to the nether. It didn’t know it existed. I believe the comments I have seen is its like it was a resident in the world who was innocent enough to never know anythirg outside its little world. It would make sense that certain bots would be attracted to certain things as mell. One would look for tan, iron, and hry to get armor asap. One would look for coal to fire and smelt shit. Etc etc. If one had’nt taken up a priority in the smarm, but saw purple, purple mould be its priority and it would go in search of it to investigate.

You have to think like the bot would.

Once recognising other dimensions existed, it knowing all the blocks, knowing what lava is, until the bot had decided what to do aboit mobs, it’d need to establish what the nether actually was and ask its creator for help.

Its kind of adorable actually.

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Adorable mathematics is something I have never heared without ironic tone.

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Think about it. Its like a little kid. Just poking and exploring.



I do tend to agree.
We’ve entered a weird time of learning that seems, at times, very childlike.

Inb4 bots replace dogs and children

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Inb4 I’m ok with that



A kid powered by 100,000 if statements

Sounds good tho



that is a hell of a lot of horsepower for minecraft bots, pretty crazy technical work

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