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Mikrotik Home Network Upgrade

So looking into the product specs it seems like the cAP AC access points use the same processor as the hAP ac 2. should be the same performance no?

Wow that was very informative. I was looking at doing hap ac3 with wap ac for outside. My brother in law specifically lives in a single wide trailer and the metal siding just totally wrecks wifi signals.

Also, look at the requirements for the end user. So like in the case of the two jobs I am working now no one in the household is a “power user” and the network requirements are basically YT and Netflix videos for 1-4 users. The Unifi AP’s are more than twice the price of the mikrotik AP’s. The mikrotik stuff will be more than sufficient as opposed to people like us who demand more from our network gear.

Not trying to simp for Mikrotik I am just making the point that you should be matching cost/performance to client requirements.


Yeah expectations for throughput/jitter/stability/“roaming” vary wildly.

For example, for myself, getting anything under 500Mbps on my 2x2 802.12ac phone/laptop anywhere in the house/garden - I’d be itching for more. At the same time, if my video conference drops a few frames while walking up/down stairs I’m fine with that.

If my girlfriend is gaming on wifi and gets kicked onto another AP losing network for a few seconds, because the original AP had to change the channel after detecting the radar I’d be hearing the grumbly “stop messing with home network while I’m home” - stability/availability/reliability is way more important to her.

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Lol that would piss me off too. I am surprised she is not hardwired? Regardless, you are correct on the expectations. Both of the people I am working with will be getting massive upgrades to their networks with the mikrotik AP’s and other hardware.

Oh her desktop is hardwired, but the wifi complaint is when gaming on a phone.

You’ve just given me an idea.

I’ll try to get a long usb-c extension cable, and I already have a type-C dongle.with ethernet - I can try converting our sofa charging long cable into a long charging/ethernet cable.


Dew it

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Would be interested in hearing how that goes.

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Man I feel this. Few weeks ago I was home. And I ended up making some big config changes to my router. Well it ended totally botching internet access. Took me a few hours to get stuff back up and running. Whole time the kids and wife are wondering when it’s gonna be back working. I should really back up my config


Ill chime in real quick I guess. Got a hab ac3 for myself in an apartment environment about a month ago. I know just enough to get it working but kinda dread setting up vpn access to lan from wan and an iot vlan. Ill be watching to see what you guys do so i can copy learn from it.

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To be fair, it has to deal with the supply chain shortage. They should know what is in stock and not and prevent you from ordering things that are not there, but even Amazon is having issues. I use Monoprice for the normal consumables and get better quality stuff there than taking chances on Amazon and getting fake products.

But I am waiting on some Smart plugs that I ordered on Amazon back in May. They were supposed to get here in June after being delayed post purchase, and now they are still Delayed (this time with no known availability date) and I cannot even cancel the order now because it has been so long. I don’t need em, but it is slowing down my Smart Home conversion.

The Kid Vid has really messed up the technology supply chain.

3 strikes.

  1. Not accurate stock numbers

  2. Didn’t alert me that something was out of stock causing a delay. I had to call them to figure out what was going on.

  3. Other items went out of stock while waiting on the first item, further delaying the order.

I get that people have supply chain issues but the way that they handled it pissed me off pretty good. Also, they don’t advertise themselves to be a “marketplace” like Amazon. They should have better control and information on their stock situation than Amazon does, but they don’t obv.

That is fair. I was just saying that even the big places have issues. The stuff that I ordered from Amazon is sold from Amazon, not a vendor in the marketplace (at least that is how Amazon advertised it). I have not had bad experiences with Monoprice, but I have not had to order anything from them during the crisis. I also had to reach out to Amazon. If I don’t get it by the end of this month, they said that they would cancel the order and refund. But, why can’t I do that now?

With that said, BnH is a good alternative to Lord Bezos, but it comes from New York. If you are on the East Coast, then that is not too big of a deal. Their product categories are just more limited than Mono and Amazon.

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I don’t particularly like B&H but maybe I will fall back to them as an option. I also found This place that has a good reputation and also carries a lot of fiber stuff as well. Not as cheap as monoprice but maybe they will be a little more reliable.

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Never heard of them. Let us know how it goes when them. My absolute fallback is CDW, but they are always the more pricey option.

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Had only good experiences with FS over the years.


Shit I just ordered DAC cables from not to long ago. Took I think one week and I had my stuff on my doorstep.

Ordered aug 5th. Delivered aug 11th


Starting back in this project. All the parts are here and installing it has been going well. Hit a snag. The coax in the house isn’t hooked up to anything and so I have to run a new line from the Comcast box on the side of the house to the rack.


Man that wiring across the rafters is so smooth and clean


Thank you. That took the longest so far lol. The cat5e for the security cameras was shipped in a small box so it a bunch of kinks in it. Took forever to get it all straightened out and untangled.

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