Migrating TrueNAS to Proxmox

I have been using TureNAS now for a couple of weeks, its great as storage of my media files much better than unraid which is worse and a paid service.

But my VM and containers (is there even any) experience has been lackluster also I have a 4x1TB NVMe RAIDZ2 Pool on a Asus Hyper m.2 card that has given me lots of trouble every second day the array is reporting as degraded and removing drives that are perfectly fine.

I was wondering is it possible for me to migrate the current trueNAS setup over to proxmox, I have the TrueNAS installed on an 120GB m.2 SATA, I know I can passthrough the HBA’s from proxmox to TrueNAS, I have good IMMOU on my threadripper motherboard.

How to make an image or something of the m.2 SATA drive and transfer the installation over to a proxmox VM I need help with ???

I much prefer Proxmox and my 8 Core threadripper is maxing out at 10-15% CPU Utilization and could be doing more than hosting my mediafiles and streaming to 2 plex clients?

Why are the disks being rejected? Plus are there any messages in dmesg? (Also is this TrueNAS Core or Scale?).

I’d also check what temps your NVMe drives are running at. They might be overheating and causing the drop outs.

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