Migrating emails from Outlook to Thunderbird

I have a friend who currently uses Outlook for his emails. However he is retired now and his workplace will terminate the Office 2013 licence today. So I advised that we need to move the emails to Thunderbird. However it is proving to be complicated. I have followed this guide. http://www.pstwalker.com/how-to-convert-outlook-data-files-pst-and-ost-to-thunderbird.html
And it worked but When I open the Thunderbird I can't actually see the content of the emails. 60% of the emails say Thank you for trying out our product. Please register to view content. www.pstwalker.com

Does anyone know how to transfer emails from Outlook to Thunderbird without having to pay for licences?

EDIT: i tried using this different guide. http://support.real-time.com/tbird/outlook_import.html but that doesn't work either because the Outlook entry in step 3 disabled to to some bug.

I went through something very similar. The best way that I found to do it is to setup your own email server (there are simple all in one solutions and it doesn't need to be secure because its not on the internet) and create an imap account. Then "create" that account in outlook and drag all the old emails from that account to the new imap account. this will sync the emails. Then you do the reverse in Thunderbird.

Is the email he uses POP3, IMAP, or Exchange? If it's IMAP or Exchange then just sign into the email via Thunderbird and all his emails should synchronize as long as they're still on the server. If it's POP3 then yeah you'll need to find a way to import them. Outlook should have an option to export to a CSV file, maybe Thunderbird has the ability to import those?

Edit: Looks like Thunderbird has an import function built-in, just have to have Outlook set up as the default mail client after installing Thunderbird.


Not feasible for this particular case. 1. It takes too long. 2. It cost money. 3. I never done it before so I would most likely gets things wrong. And the person in question doesn't care about security or privacy. I do but he doesn't.

I don't actually know and it doesn't matter at this point because the email account was terminated 3 hours ago by the work place. I now only have the .pst file which I need to get into Thunderbird. I found a way to do it but it's really long winded. I need to install a fresh copy of Outllook, setup an account then import the .pst into it. Make sure to set Outlook as default mail client. Then I need to install Thunderbird version 31.something because the new version has a bug that stops you from migrating the emails. Create a new account with the same email. Then import emails from Outlook, then update TB to latest version.

Sound about right. Good ole email, the bane of helpdesk techs everywhere... or at least just me.

P.S. fuck Outlook.

if you just want to convert them from MSG to EML to drag into the thunderbird folder you can use

its a script i have used a few times and does work.

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I mean doesn't require a lot of experience if you use a all in one solution like i mentioned. For example Zimbra or mail in a box. So if you can start a vm, install linux, install package, you have a mail server. If you do this on you own computer or laptop it costs no money.

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Maybe some Python would interest you...

If I turn off my computer during night, he won't be able to use it. My point is custom mail server is too much effort for such a petty job. My linux skills are next to non-existent. If I was trying to get small village of people to talk though emails then hell yeah that would be the way go. But for this no.

No it doesn't have to be that but that's what he is used to using. TB has built in calendar as well.

I swear in my last job 1/3 of all problems were email related. My Outlook is not opening, My outlook constantly freezes.
Why is outlook rejecting my password? Why am i getting so much spam? Make it stop. Why can i not find my emails?
Jesus I hate email problems and their users.

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I don't have any MSG or EML files. All i got is .PST

all you're using it for is a migration, not a permanent solution. host it on a local network and move them all to the new account. I dont get whats so hard about that.

they literally talk about doing the same thing here


You can use :

readpst — convert PST (MS Outlook Personal Folders) files to mbox and other formats
lspst — list PST (MS Outlook Personal Folders) file data
pst2ldif — extract contacts from a MS Outlook .pst file in .ldif format
pst2dii — extract email messages from a MS Outlook .pst file in DII load format
outlook.pst — format of MS Outlook .pst file

A python script :

I'm glad you understand what I was saying. I didn't know if I was describing it poorly or not.