Mid range gaming build

hello Tek Syndicate, I am gonna build a gaming PC in most prob this month but i do not know if the parts i chose are gonna fit together and it is just too confusing for me. This is what i made up and i don't neccesarily have a budget but i do not want to spend too much on a gaming rig and i am a former console player.


Well if you're going to spend that much on the SSD, you may as well get a Samsung 840 Pro for like $15 more and end up with current generation tech with 5 year warranty and basically the top performing SSD on the market =)

Otherwise it looks like everything will fit nicely!  If you're going to be the one to physically build the computer then take some extra care because Silverstone cases are great but have different internal design than mainstream cases.

Is the micro-atx form factor necessary? If not then a mid tower case and ATX motherboard would be a lot easier to work with and you'll be able to fit most parts. 

Also would you be ok with pirating Win 7 to save money (I know, pirating is bad but it will save you quite a bit).

Upping the memory to Corsair LP 1866 would be a pretty good idea, there's no point getting super cheap, slow memory when memory is so cheap anyway.

I also thought you may as well get double the storage for only $10 extra.

You could get a 660 Ti for a bit more money if you want even more performance, but a 660 will still be great.

It looks like a great build. My only suggestions might be:

For the same money(if not cheaper) you could upgrade yourself to a ATX and mid tower case which would help with future proofing and is alot easier to work with.

Also for about $5 more you could get 1600 or 1866 memory that would benefit your system a ton.

Good choice with the SSD but you could find a slightly cheaper model that works just as good.

1)ok then, i will go ATX

2)I don't feel like pirating

3)But only the blue corsair LP is available, it doesn't match, maybe i will look for other mobos.

4)Yea, i guess that is a good idea

5)i will try to fit it into my budget.

The price difference of them are very different where i stay.

what SSD do you recommend?

Crucial M4(128gb) and the Kingston HyperX3K(120gb) can be found for around $100 to $110.

Maybe i will go with the crucial.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/viuG Will this be a better build?

Very good build, though you could always spend an extra $35 for more performance and consistancy. I'd recomend reading this article for more information on 660 ti vs 7950 (bear in mind 7950 performs better than a 7870) http://techreport.com/review/23981/radeon-hd-7950-vs-geforce-gtx-660-ti-revisited

That is a awesome site, good information on there.

i would recommend trying out microcenter.com for awesome cpu + motherboard prices. you save 40 dollars and a motherboard and cpu bundle plus the prices are the cheapest in my opinion. i love shoping on microcenter great deals.