Microsoft to unify PC and Xbox One platforms, ending fixed console hardware

selected quotes:

Now it seems Microsoft’s plan is to shift the entire development model towards universal applications that run across PC and console – indeed any machine that’s compatible with the Universal Windows Platform.

In theory, these apps should run seamlessly on top of PC and Xbox One architectures, with abstractions to exploit the graphics processors, system memory and other hardware features, as well as compatibility with Microsoft’s DirectX application programming interface (API) for enhanced graphics performance.

But what’s likely to be most controversial is the indication that the Xbox One will follow the smartphone model of regular iteration, with updated hardware versions going on sale throughout its lifetime.

I see what you're tryin Microsoft.


We'll all have xPC™ soon, or PCBox©, or AzureBox™©®...

Well, by "all" I mean all people solely dependent on M$ PCs.