Microsoft Looking to Buy GitHub?

I appreciate you expounding upon your initial post. I don’t view it as a monopoly, I think Microsoft is catching up to Amazon: AWS has CodeCommit, Cloud9, and AWS as their ecosystem. Azure needs similar services.

I’m curious to see what examples come to mind. In the past three or five years, I can’t really find Microsoft tanking platforms. Xamarin, Havok, a slew of BI entities, social media, AR/VR tech… All still around and producing top notch products.

“I don’t like so and so app” doesn’t really equate to failing.

Well, not in the last years :smiley:

So, further back?

Microsoft had a serious change in leadership in 2014. I find it odd that people are still bringing up the “Extinguish, Exterminate, Eat” paradigm or treat Microsoft like they’re still releasing Windows ME as their primary product.

It’s not the same company. They speak at Linux conventions, Cloud conventions, Dev conventions, and a slew of others.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you don’t have a point, but it’s a little hard to get that out of the mind of people :wink:

it was an example. 10 years ago Everyone was active on skype. Today when i log into my account all my friends are offline. Nobody is using it anymore if you didn’t notice. Surely something must have gone wrong. Nokia didn’t exactly succeed either after being taken over. This applies to pretty much all the large corps.

How exactly will the end users benefit from this? This is nothing but further consolidation of power. I am really looking forward to the day when every software, website and online service will be owned by one of the 5 tech giants. RMS will be turning in his grave.

AdminDev is just being himself. When people disagree with him he gets triggered.

If I used VCS and Azure, this would be exciting. Otherwise, I doubt it will have any noticeable effect on github. If they did something like make nefarious changes to the user agreement, there would be a mass exodus. They’ll need to keep existing github users happy.

My main concern is similar to @Dynamic_Gravity’s. All things equal, I’d rather have decentralized services which interface via open standards than centralized “ecosystems” which have more proprietary components.


Nokia was failing way before they got taken over due to Windows Phone being not really a thing.

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Asking for specific examples and sorting through anti-Microsoft hyperbole is being triggered? Lmao.

I’ve responded to everyone equally and fairly (except the telemetry post, because that wasn’t really relevant to this discussion).

You brought up a product outside of the context of this discussion, and have isolated it down to your friends. Skype for Business is alright, and from what I gather a lot of podcasters use Skype for online collaboration.

The reason some of us counter that point of mind, or i should say the reason I do (wont speak for others), is where did it come from? The open source community is all for Microsoft doing more open source stuff, the Free Software community is exactly the same. So wheres it coming from? No one who works in the open source / free software world seems to have this mindset except for some highly vocal outliers who don’t seem to be involved in it at all.

Id encourage people to read into the subjects more. The skype example that was brought up for example isn’t a good thing to reference because its not the same business. It might have been part of MS that bought it, but they are large enough that you cant treat it as a single company. The same can be said for the whole of MS, businesses change over time (if they are good businesses), it doesn’t take much to realise where they are going with this side of their company.

It was a poor example.
As for why no one is using it, something better came along and out did them, that happens a lot.

Skypes biggest competition honestly is probably cisco, book a meeting and 90% of the time its a skype call or a cisco webex call (webex was bought out by cisco which kindof invalidates your point a little, its not back and white)

Let’s start with Facebook’s rise and popularity around that time…

Oh, and Apple’s Facetime introduction then pretty much made the competition more interesting.

Well its Microsoft they don’t really care what you think.

IDEK why there’s so many windows 10 users. Yeah its better built, but it has so much fucking adware it makes me wanna punch my machine.

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I haven’t had a single ad since I installed Win10 back when it was a Tech Preview.

How you have escaped the bejewled andf CNN popups and not had to reset your start menu is beyond me. Thank fuck I only have it for testing.

Never had those. Turn off the “suggestions” and you’re done.

Also might be a regional thing, not sure.

As much as I dislike Microsoft because they’ve burned me in the past, I think this will be a good thing. Github has not been what I’d call “great” for a while, so maybe Microsoft can make github great again? #mgga?

Even when I turn the m off they’re everywhere.

Sounds like you need an update. You can also right click to unpin, uninstall, or remove from the “Recently added” list. The whole “default apps reinstall on reboot” was fixed October 2017.

and to improve Microsoft products and services, you grant to Microsoft a worldwide and royalty-free intellectual property license to use Your Content,

Id be willing to bet this will happen to github if microsoft acquires them. This is not out of context, this is anything you store on microsofts servers, including one drive or any email service. This would include githubs servers.

There is a huge difference between open source, and free.


GitHub isnt open source.

Context is key, taking a snippet out of context to suggest something that fits your goal isn’t cool. Yes, it is out of context.

It already has, there TOS is no different than the Microsoft one, just worded slightly differently, but in both cases you have to give them a royalty-free intellectual property license to use Your Content

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I never said github was open source. There are comments about Microsoft open sourcing some of their projects. They still retain rights to their code. And if you put your source code on one drive, Microsoft now claims rights to your code.

Maybe I misread but the github tos states you retain ownership of your code. Nowhere does it claim rights.