Microsoft Fail at E3

This is epic.

yeah so what? they're running on pcs. what do you expect? guess what, THE CONSOLE ISN'T OUT YET IT'S NOT MADE IT'S NOT IN MANUFACTURING. it's impossible to run xbone games on the xbone right now today because IT'S NOT MADE.

Calm your tits man. He/she's only point something out and if they're going for a release this year, manufacturing is going to have started by now.

I still think it's kinda bad how they ran it on super high end PC's though, I bet it must've gave them some extra graphics and compute power making games either look better or run much smoother than the Xbox one will.

Far out, calm down champ and breathe. My whole point being that this being a fail in that the hardware they used is far removed from what xbox will have. 2011 cpu, high end nvidia card etc.

This is so common it's almost not worthy of a news story.

But apparantly some of the games ran on actual dev-kits and others ran on PC's, I imagine the game would turn out to play about the same seing as there would probably be some sort of emulation layer involved. I've heard a lot of rumours that X1 is having problems with their chip due to it's size, I just hope they don't release a broken console for whoever is buying the damn thing.

It's all x86 APIs.  There's probably no emulation layers.

Even if it is an X86_64 APU it's "custom" I'm by no means an expert, but I'm pretty sure the console hardware isn't exactly like a PC, even if it runs on the same sort of architecture. There'll still be different ways of handling the memory and such. Also remember that if these games run on code developed to run on X1 hardware, they are designed to run on an APU with 32MB of ESRAM on them, afaik no commercial APU has that.

Um, that's what Dev Kits are for! You know, those things that Developers are given so that they can actually Make/Play the games...

When the PS4 stuttered/crashed/whatever you wanna call it (I'm going with simple demo crash) that was running off of an Actual PS4 Dev Kit. Not the final product mind you (with optimization tweaks, etc to prevent said crashing), but close enough to present accurately.

Here's your difference:

XB1 uses a Tri-OS layer system to manage all that 'funcitonality' without crashing a single OS. It has 8Gb of RAM to split between content and OS'. Each of the Tri-OS components use 1Gb of RAM, leaving 5Gb of RAM for the media content. Win7 x64 uses around 1Gb~1.5Gb of RAM leaving 8.5Gb~9Gb of RAM if those systems are identically configured and nothing else is running but the APIs. Also, the RAM is located adjactent to the same part of the board (I'm forgetting the terms) that houses the APU. There's a tad more, but both consoles share virtually the same type of core design with exception to the DDR3 VS GDDR5 RAM.

What is eSRAM?  I assume it involves Static RAM somehow, but I've never seen it with the e prefix.  Also, a different way of handling memory doesn't necessarily mean it can't run natively, it just can't run as well natively.  X1 is still using DDR3 memory, probably through a process not dissimilar to to an APU with SSM.  I'd just be very surprised if they'd invest in throwing together some rushed out emulator to show a game off with.  It just seems highly expensive, time consuming, and not very stable for a major press release.  

The E is for 'Embeded'  

So it's on chip?

It seams so if thats the ram thay are useing.

The way I understand it is that it's on the same die as the APU, so it's right next to the CPU part and super-fast. From what I gathered it's there to act as a sort of cache to help with the memory bandwith on DDR3. Rumours have it that because of ESRAM the die is so big in the Xbox One that they have trouble with making it efficient enough and as such have run into some heat problems. According to some people on NeoGaf this has been confirmed by insiders, I'll just wait until the hardware is out to find out. Oh and supposedly the X1 has a PSU-brick instead of an internal PSU.

Just as a clarification, there is 32 MB of ESRAM and 8GB of DDR3.

Yes, they have minor differences, the CPU component is the same as far as we know, the GPU component is different. The Xbox One has 8 GB DDR3 and 32 MB of ESRAM, the PS4 has only the 8GB of GDDR5, at least as far as we know.

From the few news articles I've read, I can remember it being mentioned in several of them that the PS4 has a simpler memory regime and is probably the easier console to program for. The added layer of ESRAM could be the cause of problems down the line, although no one has said much about that.