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Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is Now Available

Worth an update on this. The new version of Edge based on Chromium is now released.

You can grab it here if it hasnt been pulled in by an OS update, which might not happen for a few months.

(note that it replaces the old system Edge version)

This also is the start of a big change for Microsofts browsers in that it now updates independently of OS upgrades.

There are also new versions of Edge on iOS and Android which I believe were updated automatically.


I installed the Dev version a while back at work.

After having it pull my bookmarks from Chrome it was hard to tell a difference between the two. Definitely closed the wrong browser once or twice.

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So it’s Chrome?
And you installed it so you can run Chrome, instead of actually running Chrome?

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Because you can mark up pages like a football announcer.


No, its chromium. And the same reason people might install Chromium instead of Chrome, or Vivaldi, or Opera, or Brave, etc. different needs for different people.

" … it was hard to tell a difference between the two. Definitely closed the wrong browser once or twice … "

So in THIS case …
Just how is it “different”?
Because they, “once or twice”, couldn’t ( when they were both open at the same time (?) ).

So i tried it for the weekend, used nothing but Edge.
You know what? I like it, it feels like a cleaner, more Microsoft centered Chrome, which is exactly what it is.
I don’t like it as much as Vivaldi (my daily browser at home) or Opera GX (my daily browser at the job), because it doesn’t have as many packed in features as those two, but then again, neither does Chrome, Chromium or the older Edge.

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I don’t really think that this question is really relevant to this topic is it?
The reason why somebody like @Eden wants to install it or use it in favor of Chrome,
is just a personal thing.
Different needs for different people.

Anyways does it come with google widevine DRM support?
Because that is definitely an important feature that i would personally need from a browser.
To bad that the browser is not supported for Linux yet.

My testing is limited to about 13 minutes of use, and of the Dev version several months ago at that.

It could be completely different than Chrome if digging deeper, but when looking no more than surface deep it is similar.

Came across some posts from local users with hardware inferior to mine, they are reporting this version of Edge consumes considerably less RAM in comparison with Chrome.

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Both with no extensions or apps and two tabs open


Both chrome and edge are logged into a profile (google and microsoft) Google has a constant flow of network traffic, not sure why though. Perhaps its running a few extra things somewhere.

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They have dev channel builds as well fyi

‘Collections’ is a thing


As is an immersive reader mode

Some other more enterprise options is the ability to have it easily associate with AD accounts and such stuff.

Presumably the rest of old Edge features will come to this version over time.


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