Microsoft Buys 'Swiftkey' Predictive Keyboard Company for $250 Million Dollars

Microsoft reportedly buys Swiftkey Predictive Keyboard Company for $250 MILLION dollars. if you don't already know what swiftkey is, it's a third party app. that allows you to implement a much more customizable keyboard on Android and I believe has been recently added to iOS. this technology has already existed on Windows mobile (But who uses that anyways) though there's a good chance it could be implemented into Windows 10. which has a "Okay" touch keyboard. it's not terrible. but it's not all that good either. for all we know this may be a good thing. or a bad thing. only time will tell.


inb4 Microsoft is going to spy on everyone with this keyboard software


Forgot to add the sources

Microsoft will suddenly allow 3rd party keyboards on Windows Phone, and monopolise the market with a paid version of SwiftKey. Monetary geniuses!

to be fair, this may not change a thing. if anything Google and iOS could just add the feature that Swiftkey has. which technically is already there i believe, it's just not up to par depending on who you talk to.

I actually prefer Google's keyboard. Much more accurate than SwftKey, in my opinion.

Not only do they want all your information, they want to have your information before you even type it!

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Also I use the drawing words sorta dragging along the keyboard thing alot more than I thought I would cause it works so well
Miss that.
Think Swiftkey might have it
But eh
Google keyboard is gud

Microsoft : Predicting Your Future For You


Well, I guess I better learn how to spell properly now.

In all seriousness, this will either mean Microsoft stealing more souls than a ginger, or absolutely diddly squat. I don't use predictive text things, but I still hope it's the latter.


Well, shit.
I like swiftkey.
Guess i will start looking for a new one just in case there is a new TOS.

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Fuck. There goes another one of my favorite programs... RIP me.

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That is insane. 250 million dollars for a software keyboard? The app bubble is going to crash like the dotcom bubble.

Thanks for the headache lol

considering they have equity totaling up to 80+ billion this amount is just water under the bridge.

This was one of the nicest software keyboards I've found. Anyone have any alternate ideas? I don't use they swype like typing features. I just really like the button size and mostly predictive/auto correct. I found it to be quite accurate, especially dealing with punctuation (I'm one of the only people I know that texts in full sentences)

I'm using AOSP keyboard that comes with nameless ROM at the moment, but the space bar is impossibly small so words get jumbled together, and the auto correct seems 50/50 at best. Often it doesn't even give suggestions.