Microsoft bans YouTuber's

Found this today. If you post (or have posted) a review of any Microsoft product, they are now calling copyright violation on Youtube and you can't monetize for 6 months and if you get 3 of these your account is deleted. Way to go microsoft.

._. Thank you Microsoft for being this retarted for the stupidest things. I could understand if you took down vids on sensitive future things, but for it to be on videos THAT STATE PEOPLES OPINIONS is just taking it too far.

Well what kind of smart moves does anyone expect from a company that's run by a guy that believes women should never ask for a raise because for a women to never ask for a raise is "good karma"... (, and then armwrestles the media that have reported on that to publish a rectification that's purportedly based upon a "confidential internal email to Microsoft staff".

Looks like the Windows software console isn't the only thing at Microsoft that is so archaic that it causes huge problems...

All they had to do was patch in a start menu, everyone said it they didn't listen so know their idea is to remove all the negative press genius. ADD A START MENU AND SHADOW COPY you imbeciles. 

no. it is YOU who don't understand. the you tubers are just reaping bad "karma" for the negativity that they spread in the universe... this is simply the consciousness reconstituting universal energy... errmmm... quantum!

Cool I didn't know the Dali Lama was on Tek Syndicate ;D

Title and the OP is misleading. This is Google's fault. They have received the DMCA takedown notice, via a 3rd party issuer Microsoft used, but instead of dealing with comments that supposedly contains serial keys for any Windows version, they gone ahead and deleted any videos talking about the OS that contains comments with the keys and issuing a warning to those uploaders. Microsoft is now working with the uploaders and Google to get the vids taken down restored. Hope that the uploaders get those warnings removed. Huge stuff up but lesson learned?