Microphone Issue (Windows 8.1)

Hey forum

I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and have discovered that my Microphone (Samson C03U) has started to become very very quiet.

Previously I had my Microphone set up with around 30-35 volume level on Windows 7 which was perfect for crisp clean audio at a good volume, now however I am forced to run the Microphone at 80-90 volume for it to even slightly pick-up my voice, this unfortunately picks up EVERYTHING else around me and often will my own keyboard typing speak over my own voice during Skype calls.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really don't want to downgrade again ): 

What audio driver are you using?  Realtek HD I'm guessing?  If so, one thing that people have had success with is unplugging you case's front panel connections from your motherboard, then reinstalling the Realtek drivers.  The HD drivers can be kind of finicky with front panels.  Mine doesn't like to detect headphones when they are plugged in for example.

Thanks for the advice, Unfortunately though I literally just finished a instillation of Windows 7 and am now safely back on familiar ground. 
Another issue had appeared with Windows 8 that caused my Sound to completely stop, the device was still running yet no sound came through and would require me to disable/enable it again.  
I'm not sure if it would matter now but I wasn't using Realtek Audio at the time, I had heard it was causing issues so I simply uninstalled it without any sign of a change or fix, I was also working from a USB Microphone and Headphone Jack both slotted in the back of the case. (No front headers)