Micro ATX ASRock B650 boards

Definitely would like to see a review of the mATX boards ASRock offers from B650 (Oddly no B650E mATX) for use in homelab and VFIO.


AsRock offers B650E only as mITX


Yeah, that’s not enough PCI-E slots for homelab. Which is why I asked about the B650 non-E mATX boards.

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To reply to the B650E Steel Legend video on PCI-E peripherals I use:

I use a capture card, USB controller currently with my systems.

However, for my homelab build, I will be using a M.2 to PCI-e X4 riser to support a 6 port ASMedia PCI-E SATA controller, and instead of a capture card, the x4 slot will have a 10Gbe NIC. I will also have a Intel i210 NIC on a PCI-E riser, and the USB 3.0 controller card.

I’m specifically choosing a RX 6800 reference because it’s 2 slots for using one of the B650M Riptide’s x1 slots without a riser, and the one under the GPU uses a riser.

Will definitely want to see a review of this since it’s a B650E in mATX with dual 10G NICs: