Miasmata, the god of survival games

Hey everyone, glu10 f3 is back!

so I fiannly got my gaming pc, went alot less on the cash to build about a 400 dollar machine but that is not the point. we are here to talk about Miasmata! Now in case you don't know about miasmata, it's a game made by IonFX that on survival a good sized island. So I cannot go too much into the plot because that ruins the shocking things in this game, all I can tell you is that your name is Robert Hughes, you are a scientist on a island trying to find a cure for this plague that the world has with your colleagues and you infected with the disease. now the gameplay is a little complex but after a while it becomes second nature. what you must do is collect plants and fungi and bring it back to a lab to examine it. once examined you can you them to make certain medicines/steroids to help you with your illness and regular fever you face throguhout the game. also this game comes with some simple Trigonmetry with Trianglation where you find 2 landmarks on your current map to trianglate your position on the map and find new places. just so it a little harder to die from just a fever and dehydration, you also have a giant mutated panther with bull horns that can track from miles to where your only options are to hide somewhere and pray he does see you or fight it head on and hopefuly you can come out alive. the only downside to this game In my opinion the only thing wrong with this game is graphics because for slower computers this game is said to be intensive, but I have not faced this problem so far. for 15$ I think this a very unique game and i have put more hours into than i do some 60$ games. 

here is some pics




For more info, a trailer, and most likely better description, go to: