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sooo @Adubs @AnotherDev @redgek… anyone

if say I am getting an error on my macbook air of “failed to start loader.efi : (14) not found” does this mean I need to load rEFIt? From what I read online its not really clear

Backstory is this Macbook Air had no hard drive, I got one online but it has been wiped so no OS on it. when trying to start antergros everything works on preboot menu (which is weird cuz I think its a 32 bit but w/e) however it goes to that fail message when trying to boot one of those options

probably. Idk anything about linux on macs

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i have tried about 3 distros now… all are having issues getting into the usb installer. I am thinking there must be something stopping it from what I read on the screen, maybe a hardware issue?

macs will only boot efi

how are you making the USB?

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balenaEtcher, with an iso like I do with other laptops.

use something else and format it gpt

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my two brain cells are dead now from needing to be used… I WAS WRONG THIS IS HARD for a dummy like me

just dd the iso to the usb

yeah u probably need rEFIt to boot anything on mac. I remember my dad doing something like that on an older mac.

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ugh, do I have to grow up and be an adult? I want to be a script kiddie forever

prob, I cant find a single guide that is doing what I am doing. Everyone is duel booting or starting with OSX then overwriting to Linux. One guide said if I didn’t have OSX, you would need to reinstall… but idk sounds dumb if so

welcome to apple

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I just want ppl to think I’m rich and artsy

all the people that matter will think ur a basic thot who codes in ls code; cd .. at Starbucks

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you’re just repeating what I said above lol

also I am that already, well not at starbucks. thats too corporate it has to be a small roast bespoke local popup coffee cooperative that has gluten free coffee and zero plastics

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it’s time to commit autoabortion

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Legal in the usa

thats the name of my underground extramarital band that focuses on deconstructing sound and rearranging it in a non-ablest and inclusive vibrations

oh you got our ep?!?!?!

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Was it a private thread ? I forget this stuff.

Oh…look at this

an 32 bit support… yes

Will have to try but according to this video

Architect is dead and I need to use zen installer.

Chromebooks… what are they? Just a cerebral shunt for Google… or

more soon

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that soon is NOW