Meural Canvas II digital art frame - is the damage permanent?

Hi guys. Bit of a unique issue. I got my hands on two Meural Canvas II digital art frames, both “damaged”, with the hope to repair them. Only issue is I don’t know much about repairs :grin:.

Anyone here know if they might be fixable due to loose internal connectors, or is the damage likely permanent?

Here’s the photos -

First one could be a bad solder joint or bad connector.
Second one, no idea.

The first one scares me, that looks like something has gone wrong with/near the ASIC or processor doing the FPD-Link to the panel, wherever that’s at. I’ve seen memory errors do that for example.

I would consider the second one the easier fix of the two. You obviously have an analog signal that’s settling slowly as the lines scan towards the right.

Without any context other than those two pictures, I’d bet there is an analog VGA signal going from whatever the onboard ‘PC’ is to the display interface, and on that line there is something like a resistor that’s failed open. Maybe something like a 1kΩ that’s failed to 100kΩ for example. This would turn your signal line into an RC filter and cause ‘smearing’ similar to above. Or, maybe a buffer failed or whatever’s driving the VGA signal is failing, but I’d guess it’s something along that signal path which should be pretty short.

Just a guess, but I’d consider that one the easier fix unless there’s something obvious wrong like liquid damage/etc with the first.

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