Metroid Goodies

I'm a huge metroid fan and so are a lot of other people, thankfully talented people too, here are some fan made goodies

first up are Remixs and a covers

Harmony of a Hunter!

great album, a lot of different styles

Reserve tank

another great remix album

and for all the metal heads out there

Metroid metal: varia suite

it used to be free but you can still listen to all the songs for free though

this is a tech demo for a fan made metroid II remake, although a demo its a full game metroid confrontation, you might want to adjust the controls or use a game pad

it will be called

Tech Demo Download:

(Metroid: Confrontation v2.5)

to right

I've found it to be very fun, the remake however is still a work in progress and no releases for it have been made

if you even need to know anything about metroid this is the number 1 place to go, they've even had interviews with the people who made the games

I'd check out the apps section they have some cool stuff in there