Metro: Last Light a needed shooter!

Tribes: Ascend, Planetside 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Metro 2033 & Bioshock: Infinite are five outstanding shooters in a genre gone boring and predictable, in both terms of story and gameplay.
We se once awsome francises like Battlefied going closer and closer to the dudebro formula of Call of Duty. It is sad to see because shooter is my favorite genre. 
I have many F2P shooter's on my PC and enjoy everything from Heroes & Generals to Tribes: Ascend to Arctic: Combat (Like a free 2 play CoD4 with the old school health system, so /)^3^(\ awsome)

Metro 2033 was amazing, I got the game on PC and the novel by Dmitry Gluhovsky. And also with my love for dystopian novels and games Like S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Half-Life make me even more exited for Metro: Last Light.

There are reasons why I think Metro: Last Light should be picked up by any shooter fan that are looking for a game with an amotional story and diverse gameplay. 

1, Setting: while many shooters out there let's you control a spec op super soldier doing the dirty work of some corrupt government. In Metro you live in the aftermath of a World War. The Earths surface is scorched, and the air is toxic to breathe have forced the citizens of Moscow to retreat to the METPO. 

2 Story: The story of the first was powerful, and with Dmitry himself taking part in the writing of the story. It is likely that the story in Last Light will not be bad.

3 Gameplay: while in Call of Duty you have can withstand to be fired at by an entire army, carry an endless amount of bullets. in Metro ammunition is scarce and does is not that powerful, if you use post-apocalypse ammunition. A variety of different enemies that uses diffrent tactics in combat. The claustrophobic dark Tunnels of the Metro to the Open ruins of Moscow. Scattering for supplies to running from communists in a tunnel the gameplay of Metro will sure be varied.

You have a brilliant taste in games :)

Metro 2033 is one of my favourite games of all times. I can't wait for Last Light.

+1, 2033 is one of the best shooters I've ever played, here's to hoping they don't CODify last light.

Metro 2033 could have been presented better, if the devs took more advantage of the horror aspect of the game. Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely LOVED Metro 2033. I'm really excited for Metro Last Light, I hope that the devs don't focus on gun play like some people said they would. The trailers make the game look awesome, but there wasn't that same feel of darkness and dread from the first game in them, it really did feel like the devs were putting emphasis on the gun play and "combat."

I loved Stalker games. The 1st and 3rd were amazing! (2nd was a complete clusterfuck) But I didn't like Metro 2033. I thought it was a very basic "horror" shooter. Voice acting was a little over the top (playing with Russian voice overs). There was just nothing that appeals to me in that game. Well, ok, I do like post-apocalyptic settings, but Metro seems like a "me too" kind of game. I agree with Foxy that they should tone down the gun play and bring more focus on the atmosphere. That's one of the things I absolutely loved in Stalker - the dread and uneasy atmosphere everywhere you went. Especially in the first one.