Metal Sub-Genres by what they want to set on fire

I've been tossing this around in my head as a kind of fun game or meme, making quick descriptions of metal sub-genres by what they like to set on fire (based on lyrical themes, cultural context, major events, whatever).

The ones I've thought of so far:

Thrash Metal - Set the bassist on fire

Black Metal - Set the church on fire

Progressive Metal - Set the world on fire.

Power Metal - Set the Universe on fire

More ideas? Alternatives? Other sub-genres? Go go go!



Stoner Metal - Set the kush on fire.
Viking Metal - Set various things on fire.

Heavy metal- set the various metals (elements) on fire
Emo metal- set myself on fire

thrash - set anything on fire
stoner - set nothing on fire (too much work, man)
black - set your depression meds on fire
prog - set anything on fire slowly and methodically
power - set stuff on fire and make a big show of it
drone - set the amps on fire
death - set carbon-based life forms on fire
brutal death - set carbon-based life forms on fire, but be more thorough and angry about it
anything 'core' - set good music on fire


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Yeah. 'brutal' bands just make me laugh tbh. A lot of really un-listenable stuff there imo :D

...I'm also extra salty about 'brutal' stuff because I just finished the August metal monthly thread yesterday and there's a shitload of it being released next month that I had to listen to lol

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Industrial (well Rammstein) - Set the crowd on fire, and them selves, or well anyone is arms reach.

we can change that . . . but you might regret what you become! :D

Black - I'm on fire in hell for blasphemy
Death - Set the corpse on fire
Gore Grind - Set the corpse you're defiling on fire
Power - Set the dragon on fire
Prog Metal - My strings spontaneously combusted from sheer speed
Trash Metal - Gimme fuel gimme fire
Death core - TRVE KVLT set them on fire already
Stoner - Set these nuggets on fire

If you think all metal lyrics are like this then you need to listen to something like prog metal, power metal, symphonic metal, etc.

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Stoner metal - Set the bong on fire
Doom metal - set the coffin on fire... a black fire that yields no light, and do it from the inside.
Glam metal - Set the pound of makup on your face on fire
Hair Metal - Set your hair on fire?
Pirate Metal - Set the ship on fire
Symponic Power metal - set your soul on fire


Celtic metal- Set the Brits on fire.

Like this?

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