Metal songs with a kickass intro that turns to crap

The metal section needs some love.

Post tracks that has a kickass intro and then turns to shit, you think something better could have come from it or it doesn't even deserve the intro, or whatever...

Amon Amarth Metalwrath

Oh man...

Starts soo well and then turns into complete garbage...
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sounds like a great song to start... then it just goes and fucks up...

it gets so bad after the solo...

Damn I can name a few.. Let me look through my library

I wouldn't say crap.. but they start out good and get boring..

Moonspell [inb4 I trigger someone]

Dawn of Ashes from one my new favorite albums of 2016

And We can't forget Cradles album that people tend to forget about.

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Oh yeah... Cradle like to do those kind of things... As for the album - it's actually amazing album. It's thematically solid, it transitions well from song to song and overall sounds great. I love it way more than most of their albums...

Oh I know lol

I have all their "Memorable" albums in my closet somewhere need to find them when i get a chance

  • Principle
  • Vempire
  • Dusk
  • Cruelty
  • Midian

Though me personally the Damnation album was just aquired taste.. I didn't like Cradle as a Symphonic Metal band during that era. but the album had a few good songs.

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From the cradle to enslave is good as well... They really went downhill after Damnation.
I actually love Damnation. IDK... I know taste is subjective, but for me it's solid enough to keep it well above many other albums...
PS: oh, vempire... So nice...

we should probably continue this in the lounge but, what I find funny about Cradle is Dani likes to say they were never a black metal band and this or that. yet on the Principle album, the booklet is filled with nothing but pentagrams, old english text and corpse paint.

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Cradle fits perfectly in the topic though. They started out so well, and then turned into crap...

I'm not gonna lie I did feel like Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa was the closest we were ever going to get to a Dusk and Her Embrace.. well if you removed all the sing-a-long sections of each song.

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I actually really like invaders. It was one of the first iron maiden songs I heard

Honestly, darkly was a step in the right direction, but then they stepped back... So yeah... I don't count it at all... The last good thing was Damnation, all the rest was fairly generous portion of bullish!t and chips...
PS: if You, reader, like the new sound of Cradle, more power to you. I think they lost the power, the melody, the atmosphere, the complexity of their sound.

Kabage Boy - Girlfriend (from Brutal Legend)

Of course, that was intentionally made this way for the story.

It's a decent song... The intro and main riff is amazing... but the chorus.... I just feel that chorus hurts it so much, like it breaks up the flow. This is even more apparent considering almost all of their other choruses are so great and powerful.

Yeah you're probably right, the chorus does kind of suck; especially considering what Bruce Dickinson is capable off