Well I am upgrading my laptop's 4 GB to 8 GB.


I am stuck between G.Skill and Corsair.  I have never heard of G.Skill, but it has much more reviews and is 5 starts opposed to Corair's less reviews and 4 start.


Which would you choose?


G.Skill or Corsair?


G. Skill, I have 12GB (6x2GB) in my desktop rig and I use it in all the builds I do for people, it's cheap and reliable and the heat spreader looks cool

If I wouldn't know any better I'd go with Corsair... but it seems like there are a lot more reviews favoring G.Skill.  In general Corsair makes quality products, but if I was in your position I'd go with G.Skill... seems like less chance of getting faulty RAM.

Alright, thanks guys!  I am going with the G.Skill.