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Memory upgrade question for Ryzen 7


At the height of mining craze I bought a Dell pre-built because it was the only way to get an RX 580 at a sane price. (At the time they were going for US$600+.) One of the limitations of this pre-built was the memory speed. It came with a single stick of DDR4 RAM @ 2400 MHz, and only supports JEDEC speeds (max 2666 I believe.) Upgrading to dual channel gave me a massive speed boost in some (mostly Ubisoft) games.

Would upgrading to 2666 ram net me a significant boost? Would it make sense to buy a X370 mobo and transplant my existing components and upgrade to 3200Mhz RAM?


the move to x370 will not give you any extra speed unless you plan on overclocking beyond the current limits of your motherboard (guessing b350). edit…nevermind realised DELL, cant oc even if you wanted to…

I actually held off buying my ram for three weeks just to scrape together the extra cash to get a 4x8GB 3000mhz (2933) kit

…wish I had saved up more to get 2x16gb @ 3466 :frowning:

BUT, and I have to say but… this will most likely not help you squeze many more frames out of a 580

Guessing you need the new motherboard due to dell being arses about memory support for speeds beyond what you currently have?

I would say stick with what you have really

Seems like a lot of cost for (at best) 15% extra perf


Couple of points I should’ve mentioned. I’ve since upgraded to an Vega 56. In order to do that I had to upgrade the craptastic Dell PSU to a Corsair CX650M.

Furthermore, it appears at this point that the system is not upgradeable to Ryzen 2xxx due to a lack of BIOS support. It also does not support overclocking, though there is OC software available. It came with an X370 chipset.

Not planning on upgrading the CPU at present, but the option would be nice. Currently running an R7 1700.


AIO inspiron?


No this one
Inspiron 5675 mid tower.


On vega 56, your current memory speed is at most costing you around 10 to 15 fps in comparison to something like say 3466mhz (rough approximation based off of all the memory scaling videos I have watched on yt).

What I would ask myself is

is 10 / 15 fps worth how much you are considering shelling out?

If it was me I would find something else to spend the money on FIRST :smiley: and only come back to it after I had exhausted other things to upgrade.

I am on a 2700x + Vega 64, did a lot of yt research into how much my memory was holding me back…

Now I would be crazy enough to spend that much on that much of a boost, but that is because I am an idiot with more money than sense… and because I have run out of things to upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:

When I have my ‘giving advice’ hat on I expect others to be more sensible than me :smiley: