Mellanox ConnectX 2 QSFP DAC cable compatibility

I want to connect my NAS to my PC on a faster than 1G connection. I’ve found ConnectX 2 VPI cards for 9€ each (I know they are old but should still work for now and ConnectX 3 or similar newer cards are 60€ or more) but they are QSFP. They are IBM branded, model number 81Y1533.
I’ve also found some QSFP to QSFP DAC cables but they are listed as SAS cables. Can I use them to connect both cards for networking? They are made by NetApp, model number X6558-R6 / 112-00177.

Will that combination work? I’m looking to get a cheap setup running just to try it out, I can get the cable for 14€ where a Mellanox cable from would cost me around 45€.

There are 40Gb cards for like $12. LTT did a video mentioning a specific model that cooperates in windows; that + this should do Tyco CX4-QSFP 3m InfiniBand Cable FIBER Optic BRAND NEW Sealed Anti-static Bag | eBay

When Nvidia bought Mellanox they did away with being able to easily get drivers for EOL devices like the ConnectX 2. So hopefully your OS has drivers built in, otherwise you might be SOL if some hunting around google doesnt get you the right driver for that NIC.
Personally, Id skip that card because of the driver situation

ConnectX 3 is the last card you can easily find drivers for, and even that isnt getting new drivers for new OS versions:

ConnectX 4 is really the lowest gen card still getting new drivers now that Nvidia bought the company.