Medusa NX 5.1 Gaming Headset?

I'm interested in buying a Medusa NX 5.1 Gaming Headset, (due to the fact that i failed in buying a Cyber Snipa sonar and my country being useless for 5.1 headsets).
I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether or not this product is any good?
Also if you could recommend a different 5.1 headset that is in stock in New Zealand.

Hmm never heard of that headset, but look up some reviews on it ;)
what about steelseries siberia?

I would go with sennheiser PC-350 or Tritton AX PC Pro if you want to spend 100$+ on a headset.

does newegg ship hardware to NZ?

I don't think so but try getting a pair on amazon or something.

I'm not keen on the siberias headband style and I'm looking for a 5.1.

Tried all the sites and couldn't find any that would ship tritton to NZ.

hmmm not even Ebay?

when i type in my postcode ebay has notice pop up which says that it cannot post this product to this region.

Did you try calling tritton and see if they have a distributor thats in NZ or that ships?

I got it, sounds great, feels great, strong, but the packaging is as weak as a ball sack.