Media Player to Replace Ancient WDTV Live

Hi Everyone,

Can you suggest/recommend a Media Player. Requirements:


USB portable HDD & Flashdrive

Play Any File

Network / Streaming Services not essential - pretty simple.

Grateful for any experienced opinions as I am toally out of touch with what is good and waht to avoid.

For similar needs, I have my eyes on the Tascam BD-MP4K. Does it all, for quite the price though.
No hands on experience with it (yet).

Hi MazeFrame,

Looks lovely but way overkill and many more times what I can pay.

Why not tape an odroid n2+ to a WD elements?

There’s various SBC and HDD combos worth looking into - it’s 2022 and there’s some rk3688 floating around, but bang for buck this should be killer.

In Australia it is quite expensive for this application. $165.00 Plus I need something more “finished”. An interesting device tho.

If you’re not going to connect it to a network then the security problems of an outdated android box will be a non-issue
X96 seems to be a cheap brand that pops up

Be sure to disable Bluetooth and wifi and not connect the Ethernet

Maybe something off of this list/thread: START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)

Thanks GigaBusterEXE! There are some good options at the right price range. Something like the X96 Max Plus Smart TV fits the bill on paper.

Have a look at the Xiaomi media player -

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