Mech keyboard for typing and gaming

I find myself wanting a mechanical keyboard for less than $140 that games and types well. I don't need a "best at everything" keyboard. But I think I would be happy with a typing keyboard that is not bad at gaming rather than a gaming keyboard that is not bad at typing. I tend to have a medium to heavy key strike. If anyone has any recommendations, Id appreciate hearing about it.

Anything with brown switches that fits your budget. These come to mind. Also, check out this site.

CM Quickfire Rapid
Rosewill RK-9000

hey there sorry for highjacking, but I'm looking for something similar except my budget is a maximum of 80 bucks including shipping. i want 10 keyless, standard print on the key caps, not the ugly oem fancypants prints, and basic back light illumination is a must, any recommendations? also @ProSonicLive not sure how much ducky keyboards are but luke from ltt said that the 10 keyless version was well worth the money. also worth taking a look at rosewill line, kyle did from awesomesause news did a review. i didn't like it personally but might be your kind of thing.

Less than 80 bucks? You aint gonna get cherries but you can get Kailh. This is pretty much your own option.

Keycool are solid as anything and you can switch out the keycaps when you get a spare buck. Don't like the backlighting colour? Solder them off and replace. Don't like the keys? Buy a heap, solder them off and replace. Simple

Now what to get you...

I have w ducky shine that's within your budgetm really nice keyboard. With browns which are a nice happy medium I think for typing and gaming .

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If you want full size, the Rosewill RK-9000V2 is not a bad buy

Yep what @Eden said, ducky shines are great. You are going to want to be looking at brown, clear, green, or blue cherry switches as the tactile feed back feels brilliant when typing.

The matias mini pro feature alps (i actually think they are similar but not exactly alps) which are nice and is ten keyless, I think that is in your price range but im not sure because im in australia. You've also got the filco majestouch which comes in ten keyless and 104 variants, is not backlit keyboard, and features just about ever different cherry switch. It comes in a couple of different colour variants (I think one is acutally yellow).

If you can source it there is the vortex KTB One, which is personally one of my favorite keyboards (although I wish I owned it). Its got full PTB keycaps, metal backplate and predominately comes in brown switches (although I have seen it with clears and greens). Also I think there is an even cheaper version of this (no metal backplate), but it still has double shot ptb keycaps so there is that. These boards are the ones i recommend the most. THEY ARE FUCKING AMAZING, VORTEX ARE KEYBOARD GODS! The moddability of these is INSANE. The circuit board has holes where you can solder on backlighting if your heart so desires.

There is also the harder to find, deck Hassium (full size) and francium (TKL) pro, fully backlit (red, white and blue? I think?) and is like the hidden brother of the corsair k** rgb series. Its from what ive heard, got very customizable backlighting and you can pretty much macro map all the keys as well.

There are the Max keyboards which you can look at on their website which is us based (just seach max keyboards, personally im not a fan but you like what you like and you dont want you dont).

Coolermaster have a great range of keyboards which you can pick up from just about anywhere and they all pretty much feature brown or blue switches as well as most other ones. Generally most are backlit.

If you want 60% there is the KB paradise V60. A cheaper backlit brother of the vortex KTB poker two (there is also a backlit poker two with abs keycaps), but... If you pick up the vortex ptb keycaps off mass drop and chuck them on it they are pretty much the same thing (note that you wont really be able to find the poker two elsewhere other than massdrop)

There is the leopold fc700r (TKL) and fc500r (full size), on par with vortex this baby has ptb keycaps and a good selection of switches, its just a really nice keyboard, but a little bit harder to find.

ANNNNDDD i think thats about it off the top of my head. Those are what i recommend. Sorry if i chewed your ear off a bit but 140 is an amazing price range for what you can get there is just such a big selection. :)

i'm in australia as well, tbh i'm looking for a solid typing key board that is reliable and well built, the keycool seems great but it is way over budget. i saw a few on stormcomputers site, but not as apealing :(

I posted a heap of places to get good keyboards in aus in this thread

+1 for ducky, relatively cheap and great quality. I got mine on ebay for about £60 ($90), it's great to type on. It has N-key rollover too, which apparently good for gaming. Can't remember which model I have exactly, but it has the word "Zero" in it.

Oh, and glowy blue lights too, because why not :D