Measurements/spacing for air cooler?

Have an AMD s7150x2 and cooling is the challenge. I’ve tried multiple brands of heat sink/fan/vapor chamber and they all nearly fit but not exactly. What is the actual hole spacing for mounting on this board? Is there a specific part or model number or modd that can allow for affixing an better heat sink and fan etc to the board? Have tried using cpu coolers but none fit. Thanks

You could make an adapter plate, I dont think there are probably to many that are made for that card since its a dual gpu card. You could also just strap better fans on to the card and remove the stock ones

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try

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Have you tried a raijintek Morpheus II?

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No, I haven’t tried the Morpheus yet. I still haven’t solved this adequately but the problem seems to be either a neat fit but not quite or a good fit but with a low thermal load capacity, and these things put off a ton of heat. This with heat pipes works but really heats up the case significantly/hot to touch at the location they’re next to even when just running Windows and not putting any significant load on the gpu.

Streacom ST-DB4GPU GPU Cooling Kit for DB4

Or where I found adequate sink fan coolers with the right tdp/thermal capacity it’s a single chip cooler and large thus making its use on a dual chip card like this a whole different challenge that I’m trying to avoid i.e. how to set two of them so close that each heat sink fits to a gpu on this dual card.

Prolimatech MK-26 Multi-VGA Cooler


At this point I’ve got thermal pads on Ben and components where it was at stock, plus a bit to buffer around the components getting a snug fit, thermal paste to copper shims to bridge the gap between the chip and heat sink on a Streacom ST-HT4 PC Processor CPU Cooler Riser for FC9 FC10. This part can be taken apart and heat pipes added— Streacom st-sh8 Fan (not fan actually just heat pipes. While disassembled I noticed that instead of heat pipes being added I could mount a low profile Noctua NH-L9i chromax.Black, Low-Profile CPU Cooler for Intel LGA115x (Black) with thermal paste to the built in heat pipe/plate. Or add heat pipes but haven’t tried that specifically yet. Granted this whole configuration/each cooler uses a heat plate and heat pipes to move heat to heat sinks and all assembled takes a bracket to just hold the fans and heat sinks etc. it also incidentally makes more room between the gpu and heat distribution areas. Kind of like a triple wide gpu, or at least double. Still a work in progress and also looking at mounting noctua 80mm fans in that space between the 2 plates of the Streacom ST-HT4 PC Processor CPU Cooler Riser for FC9 FC10. Not sure if that will help or not. Still open to suggestions, ideas etc. thanks

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