MB bios with select default GPU option

Hello! I am looking for an AM4 motherboard that resolves an issue I currently have with a MSI X470.
I am running VMs with qemu/kvm and passing through a GPU.
My motherboard will not allow me to select a default GPU in the bios.
So I am looking for suggestions of a motherboard that has this option in it’s BIOS and is known for decent IOMMU groupings.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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The /r/VFIO sub-reddit has a wiki page of the IOMMU groups for some motherboards, you might find something useful there: boardiommu - VFIO

I also have an annoyance with my EPYC board that the default GPU seems to always be a specific GPU, regardless of which slots I have the pair of GPUs in, so I have to just unbind the default framebuffer from both.

Thank you for the info! Any chance you could point me in the right direction to learn about unbinding the default frame buffer? I was assuming since this was happening at the motherboard level, I was SOL from being able to do anything about it.
If I can make my current hardware work, I can put this new MB expense aside and save it towards an eventual threadripper CPU and MB

I don’t have it running at the moment, but I recall it was something like booting with video=efifb:off and running echo $PCI_ID > /sys/bus/pci/devices/$PCI_ID/driver/unbind for all GPUs. I seem to remember a discussion on the Arch Linux forums.

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