Mayflower Electronics Objective2 vs Asus Supreme FX 2014

Anyone have exp. with using the O2 and having a bettter sound exp. than a high-end built in sound card like the ones on the ROG Asus mobos?

I'm thinking of buying the Mayflower Electronics Objective2 with ODAC Rev. B with RCA's- Tek Syndicate Edition on since I live in Sweden, but its 350€ which is alot of money. I am currently using the Sennheise G4ME Zero headset, which is a 150ohm one. The Asus Suprece FX 2014 can drive it, but only from the front connectors.

Would I get a better exp. with mentioned ODAC? I know its kind of subjective. If you are not familar with the Sennheiser, they are very clean, I know its now the audiophile dream, but mainly use them for gaming (FPS), sometimes music.

Probably not much help for you; I have an Objective2 and I love it but I have not used any other DAC for comparison. The only complaint that I have is that the power input is on the front but that does not affect the sound quality. It is coupled to a audio-technica AD900X.

Thanx for the reply, I am looking for comparison between "high-end" on mobo soundcards with this DAC. The Asus Supreme FX 2014 is an onboard soundcard on the mobo of Asus ROG Maximus VII.

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First of all: Kill all headsets! Kill 'em with bare hands. And then burn them.
OK, seriously though, if you don't know what you need, chances are that no one else will. Same goes for value. It is all subjective.

But here is a different thought:
Whenever you buy your next motherboard, wouldn't it be nice to not even have to think about onboard sound?