Maybe looking at a new HDD

Hello Everyone,

I currently have a 5400 RPM drive in my laptop at 500GB. I wanted to know if i was to buy a western digital scorpio black 7200RPM 750GB currently it is 89 bucks at my futureshop, would be a nice upgrade?

Curently i have 8GB of ram (upgraded from 6), an old AMD Phenom II X4 N930 with a Radion 5650

Will i notice much of a increase in performance? (If i put a fresh install on the new drive?)

Yeah it will improve your loading and boot times, the 5400 RPM drives are usually rather slow and the only use i have found for them is using them as external storage drives.

However, if you want a really fast system, get an SSD, and swap out your Laptop optical drive bay for an extra HDD.


You will get a noticeable performance increase, in terms of load times, but expect to take a minor hit in battery life and expect more noise. A SSD would bring the best performance, while reducing noise, heat, and increasing batter life, if you don't need the capacity. Or, as Someone suggested, swap out your ODD with a SSD/HDD.

Yeah I highly suggest a SSD as it is a world difference of performance. Just get an external hardrive for storage. Good luck

OR if you need the space and a bit more speed of a hdd get a hybrid hdd.