Maxon releases Cinebench R20 - New Instructions, New Scoring, No More GPU Test

The new test is built on later versions of Cinema4D and has dropped the GPU test entirely. Maxon has completely reworked computational load and instructions used in their benchmark, so scores are entirely independent and not comparable to R15.

if you want to share your results and get a spot on the forum leaderboard, head over here to the R15 Extreme / R20 results thread.

“Portable” Version available to avoid the Windows Store. Get it here.


Looks like R20 is only available on the MS store. That’s unfortunate.


Yeah sadly no third party download yet. I have all that garbage disabled but was still able to just open the store and download it without a login.

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MS store… hard pass.


@dsdhfhd @MazeFrame

Ultra Male over on notebookreview has created a “portable” version, information and link to the download is in the OP.


Non Windows store link…


Tried out those standalone versions, seems it runs just fine on win 7.

Jup, 50 points less than their reference, but I had Afterburner and some other little things running.

2700x (stock)

Only 15.48% faster than the 1700x

9.4X MP Ratio…pretty respectable

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Close, but wrong thread


It was the one I clicked on first…

also, dont see the point in lumping both in together as they are not comparable.

Because the thread was already made, adding a second sheet and the new download link was easy, and having people submit all their scores to a single thread instead of have to hop around makes more sense.

TechPowerUp link is still not taken down. I guess they’re now the go to for downloading R20. They are still taking sponsored spots from illegal key resellers, so they would ignore Maxon’s legal threats.

Are you sure about that? They were boasting how the store is Microsoft approved and stuff…

No, talking about TechPowerUp themselves taking ads from SCDKeys, (Not just a banner, a full “story” for) an illegal key reseller.

TPU posts this “sponsored” article at least once a month…
Is the store really illegal, cause once I read the article and it said the store is Microsoft approved…

Nope. That’s the fluff coverup. The keys are purchased with fraudulent credit cards in Eastern European countries and resold.

PCPartPicker has a strict zero tolerance policy on talking about these sites, cause according to them, all of them violate the Microsoft ToS.

They can’t shut them all down cause the sites reinvent themselves under new names like the Pirate Bay changes domains.

I lost all my trust in TechPowerUp then and there. Taking ads from people that just do piracy with extra steps?

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You know, to be completely fair, if Microsoft sold me W10 for 15euros I won’t even think about it… I will just buy it…

I lost my trust in TPU when they started changing their benchmarking scores after posting the articles…

Money are money… They need money to stay online… I get it…

And that is the unfortunate fact, EVERYONE thinks this is fine. The fraudulent/stolen credit cards used to buy the keys in the first place don’t even come up in discussion.


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Google still advertises G2A… I don’t really care about the adds…