Maximus VI Extreme reviews are coming in

Is Mr. Asus still in the office? I would love to know what he thinks of this review of the Maximus VI Extreme. This specific Logan doesn't seem to like it...

I personally think it the most overpriced board to date. That little star trek piece of crap thats bundled in with it isnt worth the silicon its printed on. One can get a board that is half the price - msi g45 that will perform as well if not better than the max 6 extreme.

Plus with the clocks that the majority of folk will get out of thier haswell chip. Whats the point of having overkill board that will be limited to the thermal threshold of the cpu. Thats if its the best case scenario in that you score a cpu that can get 4.8, 4.9. Most that are getting around the traps are averaging 4.5 to 4.6 at best. At that rate even a modest board will overclock to that sort of range.

I just really think that Asus missed the ball with this one. Aimed at noobs that love their epeen and quad sli, have too much money, love gimmicks like that pointless hand held device (of which you need usb header and sata power access for the stupid thing to work). Sure it holds some great records, but how many people that are going to buy this board will be running ln2 or dice?

The ROG series need to up their game, lose the gimmicks and drop the price. 

Yeah sorry about the rant in your thread mate I'm just annoyed that such a good brand is slipping.