Maximize Cooling in Cooler master storm scout


How would you maximize cooling in Cooler masters storm scout?

Should the fans on the windows be for intake?

Are there any accessories that would improve temperatures in the case?

Help please. Thanks in advance

If you dont mind, then put the two fans on window as intake, get new high cfm fans, and replace the old ones. But keep in mind it will be probably loud, expensive, and possbily without leds

Hey i am buying this case soon , but i did notice something with the cm scout

if you can remove the hard drive cage and have it so your hard drives are pointed towards your mother board you will get better air flow off that 140mm in the front. Because other wise it's just spiting all the cold air on to a the cage instead of through the cage.

Yes that is true. But you are going to have to do some modding to the case. Very light modding that is.