mATX z87 boards

So, i've been looking around at some of the mATX boards, and the asus gryphon cought my eye. Its supposed to be compatible with the thermal armor thats sold seperately.Has anybody seen the armor kit for the gryphon? Also, any other z87 boards you guys recommend?

The ROG Gene boards have always been fantastic, and the Maximus VI Gene is no exception.

Just so you know...the thermal armor is just a giant hunk of plastic and is really just a gimmick. I'd be very surprised if it actually helped with temperatures at all. Thermal armor is just a waste of money.

Trust me, i know. I like the asthetics of it though. Noone knows where i could pick up the armor?

Well Haswell just came out, so I'm not sure how many stores have it in stock. More an more stores should be getting it though.

The new Gigabyte Matx gaming board looks pretty cool: 

They should be just about everywhere soon. We have the Gryphon and the Armor here... It's quite awesome. We will be doing some videos on it late in the week. 

Ugh...I got excited because I thought they finally got rid of that cheesy skull, but it's definitely still there. Take that skull off, and abandon the whole gun heatsink pandering bullshit and the G1 series would actually look awesome.

I was pretty upset about the Gigabyte g1 sniper m5. The price is ridiculous compared to the m3. most likely gonna go with Gryphon. Looking forward to the review.

Thanks for the response Logan, I figured i would have to wait for the armor. Cant wait to see the vid on it. I am torn between the gryphon and the mvi gene. I would think the gene would oc better, but I guess we'll see.