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Matching old and new RAM for a new CPU


So, since Ryzen 3000 is coming, i’m planing to upgrade to either that or a decent deal on a 9th gen core i7 or so.

I’m currently running a 6th gen core i5. So far, so good. Now the interesting part. Because of prices, i’d like to keep using my current DDR4 RAM. I have a 16G Kit of G-Skill 2133 8G DIMs.
So some questions:

  • Will the 2133 Mhz RAM limit the new CPU’s performance in a meaningfull way?
  • Will adding a different Brand of 2133 RAM (another 16 Gigs) be a Problem?
  • What if you run mismatched RAM Speeds (2x2133 and 2x2666 for example)?

Prices seem to have come down a bit and i’d really like to upgrade to 32G. 16G Corsair LPX Kits seem to run around 70€ here. So, will a cheap 16G 2133 Kit to add to the current one be a solution, or do i have to bite the bullet and just upgrade all of it to 3000Mhz RAM?



Mismatching only means that you have to manually input the settings or the sticks will just be at other pairs factory settings



Ok, so i COULD run 16G of 3000Mhz Dims together with my current 2133 Kit and they would just both run at 2133? If that’s the case, i just need to figure out, how big the performance impact would be.



I think you could just get that system otherwise and then eyeball these sticks