MasterChef + Computer Hardware?

HI everyone!

This is my first post and I living in the ice cold Sweden.
And I saw a Interesting article on a sweclockers(hardware and tek site) about a show called "Intel's Kitchen" It's going to start 2014-10-23 and it's about six teams with two person in each team and each team are going to build a computer. There is four categories the teams are going to get judge on.

  • Performance / raw power: Which result may the system get with the predetermined testing program?
  • Stability: Does everything run okay?
  • Value for money: What does the construction costs compared to the other teams systems?
  • Design: Is it well built and aesthetically pleasing?


so I thought I should tell you guys about it. I hope someone will translate the show for you guys or maybe take a chance on the youtube translate :D

while sweden does this awesomeness, the rest of the world gets to watch yet another season of -insert local reality show here- 

i want to move up north so badly... it seems like the scandinavian countries get more and more into the future, while the rest of the world goes more and more back to the past.

if this airs in belgium i'm gonna install my tv again, otherwise i'm gonna sit with the rest of the world and hope they put it online for us to watch. hell, i'd learn swedish if it ment i could have tv like this.

Here is the link to the show

i'm amazed they put it online, sadly no english subtitles :/

i guess learning swedish is an option :p

yeah it is, its the new age now.

The Master Chef you say?

U look nice!