Master Computer

After finishing a LED mod in my Fractal Design Define R4, I noticed something was missing, I also thought I should add many megahertz to it as well..... 

I've been dying to get my hands on a RTW decal and decided to make my dream reality. I had ordered a decal from a seller on Ebay and was really happy with his service. I asked him if he would make me a custom decal in a rather large size and he accepted. (hopefully I didn't step over any boundaries here Logan?)

I was very impressed with his work and the decal came out perfect. He was also extremely helpful and listened to exactly what I wanted. Here's a link to his store:

Now he is willing to print more of these, and you just have to send him a message and he'll fill you in. But I don't want that to happen without giving Logan and the team some credit or something along those lines. Not sure how to go about things like this. Hopefully one of them can give their input? 


Thanks for your time,

Mr Andy.






Looks like a microwave.

What badass microwave are you using?

Some shiny, metallic looking one. It too, has white lighting.

But can it cook hot pockets? In all seriousness, that build looks nice and clean.

I've never tried cooking hot pockets. Though, yes, it is rather a clean build.


Logan has stated many times that he is not okay with people selling the TekSyndicate logo.