Massive Array of Internet Disks : Secure Access For Everyone

@wendell @Logan When you get a chance please look into MAID SAFE and the Safe network. With all the talking about our privacy and encryption on the Internet we are often left asking. "What can we do?" and there is an easy answer and its just around the corner. The Safe Network is something completely encrypted, completely and truly decentralized.
A network that has safety and security built into communication. where information is immutable. Where privacy is baked into the network itself. Plus it pays users for participation and automatically pays developers and content creators. Also its not bound to TCP/IP so it will work on mesh if it needs too ITs MAID SAFE and it will make great strides to fix the internet. Please talk about this on the show if you find it interesting. The most important thing that we can do to help with this project is to talk about this. You could likely get David Irvine to get on the show to talk about this exciting rebirth of the internet. I have included some content below that makes things easy to consume as I know everyone is busy.

Additionaly there is an extensive wiki if you wish to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

What happens if a significant amount the the computers are failed, off, or just not reachable.

If anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them.

well there are at least 4 copies of any piece of data on the network separated by a large geographical separation. when Vaults go offline the network makes new copies of the data elsewhere on the network. I have seen interviews with David (founder of the network) state that Two Thirds of the network would need to go down all at once for anyone to notice a difference. or in other words 3 continents would have to go dark at once. and in his words if that happens we have bigger problems as a human race.

@greenwithao he talks about it in this video

at about 1:08:00

here is a video that talks more about safecoin the currency of the network. It is worth noting that safecoin is not the network but a tool of the network.

Safecoin is not a block chain currency it uses consensus from nearby ( near by XOR distance ) to come to consensus that a transaction has occurred the coin is then resigned and the transaction is anonymous.

Why are you selling this so hard, something smells funny about this thread...

@axelsson You have never been excited about something before? How is this diffrent than people lining up a day in advance for a video game? I have no investment interest in this if that's what you are implying. Im just excited about the network and i want it to be successful. This is what we are always saying we want from the Internet. So I just want other people to be as excited about it as I am. Its the same reason I blog about bees on a tech site. I want my peers to be as excited as I am. Additionally I cant code so I can contribute to this project by educating my peers.

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I have looked through the videos and done some searching, and to say the least im very curious to see where this is going! Although it really seems to be in it's cradle and i will keep an eye out for it, thanks for some interesting reading :)

I remember seeing this a while ago, and forgetting about it because the site literally doesnt tell me what there trying to do.

I mean.. its essentially, store your crap encrypted on other peoples computers redundantly. why dont they just say that.

safecoins.. you get them for doing stuff, giving away bandwidth, making apps, I get it. You spend them on? what? Its not clear. It seems like its just to pay for storage, as they dont seem to have a good idea of what else it can be used for yet, If so theirs a big problem right there. You average user likely will not get more coins than they need and will have to pay out to use the service to store there data on someone elses computer. So is the safe coin just a way to make "real" money?

Regardless its seems like an interesting concept, though its has to heavily rely on encryption. I imagine if you used this you'd want to encrypt your files first before letting this network encrypt them.

Well it is storage of data that's correct but its so much more. protocals for voip & messaging are also built into the network as well as web-hosting. no more do you is a website dependent on a host or ISP you just create an html page create a public folder and publish you now have a webpage that cant be taken down by DDoS or by an ISP. your calls cant be snooped on and no one can read your email. It also includes a built in decentralized DNS.

The network is also capable of doing computation sort of like how [email protected] works so you can purchase that from the network using safecoin.

Safe coin is used for purchasing most types of resources from the network. Storage, messages, &c. it is also used to purchase software and pay for things like music and video. But its a bit different than the current providers like amazon. lets say a second of video lets say 1hr of video costs 1 safe coin and halfway into the move you deside its crap you stop watching you only pay .5 safe coin for what you watched.

Applications make money on how useful they are the more people use an app the more the developers get and this is all automatic.

No problem man.