Mapped Drives Over Wifi?

I am on Windows 10 - and while I can map my drives over the Ethernet connection, when I switched to WiFi on my desktop - I can’t map to the drives on my NAS?

I can access my NAS, it is working perfectly fine via the IP addresses for the various things running on it, and putting the Ethernet Cable back in fixes it.

Is this really obvious or is there a workaround?

The error message is simply that the network location doesn’t exist. Diagnosing the problem doesn’t provide any extra information.

Without knowing much more I would wonder if the wifi network is on the same subnet as your wired network. Maybe look at the IP address of your wifi connection as compared to the connection of your NAS to your wired network.


You are absolutely right - good call with extremely limited information! Impressive, seriously.

I will look into what I need to do as a workaround.


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Deleted that message as I forgot I plugged in the lan cable again…doh.

I can now ping freenas over cmd and tracert it…I did this by setting up a Route under my LAN settings in the Router to the freenas box (plugged into a different router), using 255 as a mask and the ISP Router base IP as the gateway.

Still can’t map the drive, but feel I am a step closer…

Ok finally mapped it - once I had done the route above, I had to go to Map drive - put in the ip address \\ of the NAS then simply browse - and that gave me the NAS folders which I could then select and map.

In case anyone needs this information in the future…

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