Mantle is HERE!

check it out guys the API is out! Your thoughts?

The 14.1 AMD beta driver is not released yet due to last minute bug issues, so nobody is using it yet. I'm disappointed that the HD 7000 series of cards is not supported in the driver yet, I and many others will have to wait a bit longer. Performance boosts look very good, a mid grade system would see substantial performance increases but those with high end CPUs will not notice a huge improvement. I'm looking forward to trying the Star Swarm demo once the drivers are finished. Also looking forward to the benchmarks between the high end CPUs of Intel and AMD while running Mantle

I'm very curious to see results for the Richland and Kaveri APU's.

Mantle will not show much, if any, improvement on the higher-end cards (7870ghz, R9-270/X and up) because they can already run the game at or close to 60fps 1080p max settings. Once you get over 60fps, smooth is smooth. Especially if you're running with V-sync you won't see/notice the difference anyways. 

The most noticeable gains will be with the low/mid-range cards.

From the pictures in the Battlefield forum, it looks like the frame pacing has been significantly improved. The 8350 and 7970 tests show a minimum of 15.70 and a maximum of 23.93 in direct3d. In mantle the frame pacing is almost rock solid witch an average of 11.61. The lows never go below 11 and the highs never go above 12. That's gonna make for some buttery smooth gameplay. I wonder if this anything to do with Mantle or a frame pacing patch.

i wish no one would of said anything, would of like to have been surprised instead i now wait in sheer and utter anticipation.

AMD Gaming facebook page is now stating that the 14.1 beta driver WILL support all HD 7000, HD 8000, 280X and 270X cards as well as the previously mentioned 290X, 290, 260X and Kaveri APU.

do you think their download servers will get slammed?

bad news

AMD Mantle Driver to Only Benefit Four GPUs Initially


Crushed your F5 key on AMD driver download page yet? Unless you have four very specific AMD Radeon GPUs, you can stop it right now. According to DICE, developers of the first game to take advantage of Mantle, the 3D graphics API AMD is introducing with its Catalyst 14.1 beta driver, will give tangible benefits to only four specific GPUs - Radeon R9 290X, R9 290 (non-X), R7 260X, and A-Series "Kaveri" APU-integrated R7 200 series.

Owners of all other Radeon GPUs, including those based on the Graphics CoreNext (GCN) architecture, such as the recently launched R9 280X and R9 270X, are out of luck, for now. AMD is still ironing out issues with Mantle on those other GCN GPUs. Interestingly, in the same press note, DICE posted performance numbers yielded on an HD 7970, which look promising. AMD is expected to release its Catalyst 14.1 beta driver a little later this week, as it's jousting with some last-minute bug-finds.


Did we just got owned?

they changed their minds and said it would work for all those other GCN cards.

Well which is it, for real? lol

It should work on all GPUs. AMD announced it on their FB page after that article was written. 


i wana benchmark starswarm already

damn... on Multi-GPU the results were up to 58% faster with MANTLE ... now THAT is the difference between optimized software for specific hardware ... and generic code !


can't wait the NVIDIA vs AMD hardware on new games... in 2015 AMD will be king for PC players.

I'm waiting to see the difference in low/mid-range GPU's with lower/mid-range CPU's (Pentiums, i3's, AMD APU's, Athlon X4's etc.) 

After installing that beta driver I get stuttering in BF4, I have a 7970...

Yay mantle! lets fire up bf4. *intermittant stuttering 120fps down to 20 fps* -_-

Not optimized for all cards yet and it is not optimized for crossfire. So we just have to wait and see the true potential.

The 7000 series cards do support mantle. Any gcn card will work. 

Whilst I have noticed some performance increase in BF4 under mantle,
i'm not sure if it's due improving inefficiencies in DirectX or just reducing
the image quality.

I've taken a couple of screen captures in BF4 under DirectX
and Mantel and there are some noticable differences in the skies and shadows.
Also whilst playing the game I noticed a more blurred image in DirectX.
All setting were on the Ultra preset.