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Manjaro linux Encryption

I am looking for a little help and was wondering if anyone maybe able to help.

I am currently a 3 months in to moving away for Linux and moving to windows, choose Arch manjaro. Slight learning curve but so far so good. However i have a issue with the language in which the encryption on boot is set in.

So during the installation of manjaro i selected the UK keyboard language and full disk encryption etc. Now when i boot my PC and get to the encryption screen its still default on US keyboard layout.

I have put up with it for a while, but i am now wondering if i can change this to match the UK layout.
Any help will be much appreciated at this stage and thank you in advance.

For plain Arch, you can add the keymap mkinitcpio hook before the keyboard and encrypt (assuming LUKS) hooks in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, set the keymap you want if you haven’t already (loadkeys or localectl set-keymap) then rebuild the initramfs with mkinitcpio.

The hook copies the currently active keymap to the initramfs and loads it before prompting for the encryption password. Works for encrypt (LUKS) and zfs hooks.

I imagine it will work the same for Manjaro but I haven’t tested there.