Manjaro install from another running linux?

I am looking for a method to install Manjaro via an already booted system to a separately mounted space. I do this with Arch all the time, how is it I can’t find a method for Manjaro?


AFAIK Manjaro is just Archi with some extra packages. The Arch method that you’ve used before should work perfectly well with Manjaro.

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So apparently the only way to find it is searching explicitly for manjaro-bootstrap. Sheesh

And the script is out of date, repos now use zstd compression and the script is not setup to deal with it.

edit - Oh hell, 5yrs out of date… all kinds of not working stuff.

I guess you could install Arch and convert it to Manjaro from there, or you could hop on to Manjaro IRC and work with them to update that script.

Oh, I got it working. Then I found TeArch Linux / Applications and Tools / archstrap · GitLab

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Did you look at the Arch Wiki? I am sure that it would have worked fine, just replacing names with Manjaro specific packages.