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Manjaro dev team established new company to support Manjaro development


Like the title says, Manjaro developers established new company to support Manjaro development.

Your thoughts?

I’ve been using Manjaro for few months as a daily driver and think this is great news. Like article stated devs can now commit to this full time and get Manjaro out from being “a hobby project”.



Interesting and nice for the developers for an income stream. I just hope it doesn’t get too “corporatised”, see also Canonical…



I’m optimistic.

I think it’ll be good for some corporate investment in the Arch world.



I don’t know why more well known FOSS projects just don’t become businesses.

Also Blue Systems is awesome. The director of Schalke’s board of directors owns 50% of it. I would assume this is also how they will make their money as they are going to be consulting for them.



Well they deserve it. Theres nothing negative about it.

Side thing I just thought of: why is money the factor that automakes a dev group evil? I see that reaction a lot online. People have to eat.



Probably integrity thing, when someone pays the bills then that someone also gets to say what is done with his investment. Which is bit black and white way to see things and not always true. Even if some big investor donates or invests to new Manjaro company, or any other company, that doesn’t mean he gets to dictate how the company will use the money.

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Holy cow I’m so glad!

Manjaro has been one of the best distros I’ve used and the best XFCE implementation I’ve tried.

Here hoping for their best!



I’m using i3 edition atm, It’s awesome. :ok_hand:

Installer had some bugs when I last time installed Manjaro, but other than that running strong.



Was considering doing exactly that on my ancient laptop… Not in the mood for buying another 4 gigs stick… taking away the graphical DE might give me some nice boost, should be more than enough to get me going through learning to code in c++, cinnamon isn’t very heavy but we’re hitting some 70% ram usage…



I think that you could also write that as;

why is money the factor that automakes some users bitter? I see that reaction a lot online.

Agreed, they deserve it and I think it is a good thing. I wish them well and hope they make a success of it (which will also bring them some detractors, but who cares).



And that’s exactly the problem. You have people who think that money should never be involved in free software.

Well, news flash: that’s how free software has been supported for a couple decades now.



I’m rather “meh” about the whole thing.

Desktop operating systems are commodity, and there’s not much money in them. Even Microsoft doesn’t make much from Windows outside of the enterprise use case. You can download it for free if you don’t care about chaging your own wallpaper.

What little money there is for desktop operating systems is in App Stores. Linux has a bajillion of them, they all suck.

The few successful, desktop focused Linux distros also make hardware, which this announcement didn’t indicate was coming.

Finally, the rolling nature of Manjaro and the… simplicity… of pacman do not lend well to enterprise use cases.

I wish them well, but I’m skeptical this will matter, let alone be a good thing.

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