Manga - 7 seeds

been reading through a manga series called 7 seeds, i think other people should check it out as its pretty good.

The artwork isnt that great but it's good enough to tell the story and the thought that has gone into the story so far is pretty good.

Just thought I would share this with the rest of you.

I am about 66 chapters in and so far it is awesome

If i get just one person to read it from here I will be happy, i really dont want to give anything away about the series at all

the most i will say is that it is all about a group of people trying to survive many years after the world has been hit by meteorites.

I'll look into this one. I have only been following bleach, attack on titan, and naruto in manga.

Hmm I may give this a read or a listen to the radio drama even though it is targeted towards women..