Management interface for KVM Linux

Hello all,

I want to pick your brains about a few things. I am not a novice to virtulization, nor running linux servers. I know how to use vnc, and I am familiar with Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, FreeBSD, etc… Also I am no stranger the the CLI, in most cases I prefer it. I have been doing some research on KVM, and some management interfaces like, and virt manager to name a few. So here is what I want. I normally run esxi environments for my personal setups, and I was thinking about switching the KVM. I want HA capabilities which the last time I checked it has, vMotion like options, and things like pass through for future use. I like the management interface of esxi, and vCenter along with UNMS, Unifi. So I was wondering if there is a management interface simaliar so when I go to setup a KVM cluster I can have one unified Web client/client I can login to, and set whatever I would like. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If there is any that has the interface, and setup like UNMS/Unifi would be cool too. Note, I run several Linux servers, and a few Cisco devices on my network so I am not afraid to get down, and dirty in the CLI. Note, I also have rack servers to run the software on with full OOB interfaces, and a storage server as well.

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I like how ovirt 4.2 is setup, what kind of plugins could I use with that you know off the top of your head?? I like open vSwitch any use with that??