Making my build more portable

Hi there. Last year i built my first pc with the help of the TekSyndicate community but soon realized that carrying it between my two houses was not very doable. I was wondering if i can make my pc more portable without spending too much money. 

Here are the specs:

Case: Corsair Carbide 200R

CPU: AMD  FX-6300

GPU: MSI R9 270X Twin Frozr Edition

MoBo: MSI 970A-G43

HDD:1 TB + 1TB external Seagate drive

PSU: Corsair CX-550


install these on the 4 corners of the bottom of your case , something something, profit.

or install these at the top ends of your case

do you even lift bro?

Only thing I can come up with that board is a case with a handle.

Like This.

lol, thanks for the helpful comments

i wouldn't mind getting another motherboard though. would that change much?

well unfortunately amd doesnt really do mini itx for their normal am3 chips so unless you wanted to switch to intel you have to stick with micro atx as the smallest, a new case might help if you get one with handles. my friend has a bitfenix prodigy but doesnt like dragging everything over so he actually bought 2 sets of peripherals and just plays on the office tv, that way he only has to lug the case around and not everything else. so if that solution works for you its something to think about 

i'll look into that, thanks!

Maybe the Antec LANboy Air? If you could friggin find one. I have on that might be for sale or something soon.

With a 6300, you can maybe go micro atx with one of the older am3+ boards.  No ITX form factor though- that is for Intel or FM2+