Making Custom Power Cable

I have had this idea for a while now but never really looked into if it was possible. What I am looking to do is make kind of a spider web design out of the individual custom power cables. This would require some individual copper cables(running to the same component), to be longer than other ones. Would this throw off power phases and put my components at risk? Im not an electricity expert so hopefully someone could help me. If this isn't clear enough, please let me know.

I am letting you know.

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I'm not an electrician. I would say that power cables for regular single phase [house] such as 120V 15A, length would NOT make a difference. Industrial three phase may, IDK. Communication cables may, IDK.

Help me out here... How is that going to become power cable?

I meant to say it is not clear what you want to do with the power cable ? You want to make a "net" shape made out of cable ? Do you want this cable to have isolation ( the plastic on the cable ) or do you want it to be without one ? What's the idea where do you want to put it ? Do you want to harm someone with the net trap or not because if you want to, its much simpler than a spider net made of cable :smiley: ( the last one is a joke if it is not obvious )

Changing length of wiring will not create any time delay or phase shift.

But I have no idea of what you are thinking of doing or what you expect to gain from this

Not getting electrocuted or burning your house down are 2 good reasons not to try this.

If you can be more specific about what you are thinking of trying, I could probably give you better reasons why you shouldn't do it