Make me a mini itx gaming build with water cooling

i want a mini itx build because size and portability are important for me. so I am asking if people would create a build for me around $1000 with a max price of $1500 I would like it to be as small as possible. and I want a water cooler for the cpu that's cool and quiet. thank you thank you

assuming the 4820k is better than the 4770k why is it the same price? and how much better is it

Let the big boys handle this Vandal considering you don't know how to maximize a budget.

Edit: I'm a tard and forgot mini itx brb.

Double tard edit: The guy below me posted almost the exact build I was going to.

Ok first of all aio water coolers are useless. They are generally louder than air coolers and have more moving parts. Less moving parts = better.

With mITX you are very limited with card options so i chose a mATX board with a case that supports both mATX and mITX. And later on if you wanted to the case is very good with watercooling.

If you gaming you only need an i5 with 8gbs of ram. The 7950 would be perfectly fine for 1080p gaming this gen and next gen.

The 550w psu could be swapped out for a 650w if you wanted to Crossfire. But with Haswell's incredibly low power usage 550 is more than enough with a single card setup.

i made this mini itx build.

its a sweet looking case, the i5-4670K is a great cpu for gaming, if you prefer the i7-4770K it also fits your budget, further i put in a Msi Radeon 7950 TF very sollid and overclockable GPU. notice that the new amd cards will be launched soon, so that could probably something to wait on! the Lian pc supports upto 300mm gpu´s.

Why is everybody posting mATX? the OP says MINI ITX at least twice...

Well, since your on the Tek Syndicate forums, I thought I'd share this with you.


I also made an ITX without custom water cooling but utilizing the Hadron Air's ability to house the H100 and Full sized graphics cards. The components are limited because of the 500W psu but I think this build will be good for you.

Do you want custom watercooling?

my build is mini itx ☺


thumbs up. isnt the psu a little bit over board?

yes the psu is a bit overkill, but it was on sale for only 89 bucks  for the same price you can also get a 650W gold psu, so i thought for the price you can´t argue. but with a 650W you wil also be absolutly fine.