Make $$ Building PCs?

I love building gaming PCs and PCs in general. Is it feasible to make money by selling computers that I have build on the internet? I'm not looking to make a lot of money or quit my day job, but maybe make a few dollars and help people out who what a quality computer? Any suggestions?

Yes you could make the "few dollars" you are looking for. However from personal experience, its really heard trying to sell desktop PC's. I think its mostly because people now a days buy laptops and those that want desktops just build them there self's. I wouldn't invest a lot of money expecting to break more than even.

just build to order dont build anything till you have cash in hand thats what i do.

Thanks for the advice!

I can see that being a tough go. Companies like Origin PC and even HP and Ailenware let you customize you pc before you buy, which I think most people would do rather than buying from a stranger on the internet (even though you may be legit)

and dont go looking for distributors for cheaper parts newegg and amazon are 2 of the best spots for parts, but like people say its hard to get some one to come to you for a build and when they do they complain and say how best buy has a pc for $400 and what not