Make A Live Bootable iso From current Hard disk Install on fedora

i use Ubuntu and i want to move to fedora but there is a feature in Ubuntu that i can’t find in fedora,the feature is how to Make A Live CD/DVD/BootableFlash From Hard disk Install,which is detailed in this link --help-ubuntu-com/community/MakeALiveCD/DVD/BootableFlashFromHarddiskInstall–
also there is a one command script to do it really easy and fast,detailed in this link–github-com/Distroshare/distroshare-ubuntu-imager-- and i know about revisor, it is not the same at all,and i know about the vert-sysprep thing,also not the same at all, i want to make an iso that boots live enviromet and installs the system which is created from an already exisiting install by copying the current running system that is fully customized with all the programs ready,to the filesystem.sqashfs and then but it into a live boot iso and be able to share it as a distro for any one to install it on any x64 processor,and i know that fedora dosen’t use filesystem.sqashfs,but that is a really good function that is missing from fedora and i think that it is slowing down fedora adoption,and don’t suggest me server alternaves like containers and docker and stuff,if that fucntionality is not available on fedora in needs to be.

I have Fedora Media writer for creating Bootable with ISO. But I also have been looking to get a live image option for a while. I hope someone might find a solution to this.
I am not sure if you are talking about Fedora docker img. if you are then there is one that exsist that I have been testing for WSL2. It quite a neat solution.